Washington State Boys


(March 24) Both Eddie and Ray are doing really well. Both boys are eating a ton and I am very happy with their weight gain thus far. I would say Eddie is a body score low 3 now and Ray a strong 3, almost 4. The body pictures below make them look a bigger than they really are due to the angle I captured them.

Eddies tongue is healing quickly and doesn't seem to affect his eating at all now. Thank goodness. For those who don't know, Eddie came to us not only severely starved but also with multiple lacerations on his tongue. His teeth so sharp from neglect that they would literally slice his tongue as he would try and eat. He has an old suspensory ligament injury and several old gashes/scars on his hoofs. He is shedding out but also has developed several bald spots. His hair is falling out in large clumps due to the malnutrition. It's like he is shedding the past and starting a new . He is so sweet and gentle. Not only is he Ray's eyes he is very attuned to people as well. He follows me and stays very close so it's hard to get a good picture.

Ray Charles is packing on the poundage, he is smaller than Eddie in size and wasn't as skinny. He is so sweet and loves affection. His eyes are continuing to improve too. They are not nearly as goopy, though he is still light sensitive. Both boys are wearing fly mask's during the day to help with defusing the sunlight and it seems to help Ray greatly. He is shedding out nicely and all in all is doing well.

Their quarantine will be over tomorrow so we will be moving them to a large turnout closer to everyone. Originally, I was going to put them into the pasture with Tuna but with Ray's blindness and both boys teeth issues, we've decided to keep them in a space all to themselves.

Our farrier will be out Monday to trim their hooves. Finally, both boys are still looking for a monthly sponsor to help cover their cost of care, if interested let us know and remember your donation will be tax deductible.

Thank you again to everyone who helped get these two sweet souls here for the retirement they so deserve. We are so grateful.

(March 5)  Eddie (Van Halen) and Ray (Charles) were seen again yesterday by Dr. Moss to finish their exams and take care of their dental needs. Both boys are at least 25 years of age but most likely closer to 30. Their teeth sharp from years of neglect that Eddies poor tongue has multiple cuts on it from him trying to eat. Ray had to have a tooth pulled and as for now both boys will continue to eat alfalfa hay. However, we will most likely need to transition them both to a mash in the near future as their teeth just aren't what they used to be. Both have smooth pearly whites now as the vet was able to file off all the sharp points.Ray is blind yet he went through an auction and landed in the kill pen. Who does that? Seriously... Unable to find the food, beat up by other stronger horses he was blessed to find his buddy Eddie to help him out. It is against the law to have  blind animals in kill pens but sadly it happens often. Ray's eyes will need ongoing treatment for the inflammation and boogies...Eddie is exhausted, he's enjoying the soft ground and rests when not eating. I am so mad and sad at how skinny he is. Sad to think after these two worked hard for their people they were rewarded with starvation before being thrown away for a certain brutal end... I'm so thankful that with your help we were able to step in and change that. Thank you.Eddie has an old suspensory ligament injury that thankfully, doesn't seem to cause him pain. He is getting around just fine though he's developed some eye boogies and swollen glands, neither boys have fevers which is great news, and we're hopeful both will be feeling much better soon.Rescuing out of state is a huge undertaking and takes so many moving parts to pull it off.

It makes my heart sad knowing we cannot save them all. We try not to judge though sometimes that's hard. We can only take in who we can responsibly care for which limits us in numbers but not in heart.These two touched me and I knew we had to try and save them. I want to thank every single person who donated, shared their story and prayed for these old boys. We couldn't have saved their lives without your help! Because of this amazing animal village, these two deserving guys will live the rest of their lives here at the ranch, safe and happily. Surrounded by love, kindness and will get to enjoy their final years with dignity and joy.We are still very short of our fundraising goal and our vet and feed bill continues to climb, if you are inclined to donate we'd be so grateful.With paypal donations, go fund me and an online auction we had to benefit the boys we have now raised $630 plus the $1,215 we have a total of $1,845 .... still $645 short of our goal but we are hopeful we'll get there. Please keep sharing their story and help if you can. All money goes to feed and vet bills for these two boys.

Donations can be made at www.paypal.com using the send money to friends option and our email is 501c3 pending.  Both of these good looking guys are still looking for a monthly sponsor at $185 each. If you would like to be part of their story with either a full sponsor or partial sponsorship let us know.


(March 3) The boys arrived one week ago today and are settling in nicely. They are spending the days by filling their bellies, resting and now have been brushed out a couple times. Getting them cleaned up is a process but we're chipping away at it.

The bigger gelding is just so so skinny and seeks my attention... The smaller blind boy has figured out the lay out and is doing well navigating the space.

Dr Moss will be back out tomorrow to float both of their teeth and finish exams.

Both boys needs names and so far we are leaning toward Ray (Charles) and Eddie (Van Halen)...

We are still short of our fundraising goal so if inclined to donate towards their vet bill we'd be grateful.

(Feb. 28)  The WA state boys are settling right in and I can tell they feel safe. The bay (darker brown horse) is definitely blind. I thought maybe he could see some shadows but he's bumping into everything so now i don't think so. The pain medicine and fly mask to prevent wind and sunlight from getting into his eyes seems to have him much more comfortable too.

His buddy is so sweet and gentle with him, it makes my heart melt watching him be his eyes...

Both horses seem very gentle, kind and love attention.

Though we are mostly leaving them alone to decompress and rest from their journey we did start the huge process of removing the manuer and mud from them... holy cow is it packed on and will take several scrubbing sessions. So little by little we will get them cleaned up.

Dave has spent most of the weekend sitting quietly with them and it seems the love fest is mutual heart emoticon

We need name ideas for both, do you guys have any suggestions?

Vet and feed bills are climbing for these two sweeties, if inclined to donate we'd sure be grateful.

Donations can be made at  www.paypal.com  use the send money to friends and our email is

Finally, both boys are in need of a sponsor... if that's you let us know. A full monthly sponsorship for each is $185 
Thank you

(Feb. 27) Dr Moss was out yesterday afternoon to examine both horses. I was concerned with the with the "younger" gelding eye issue as it was apparent he was in pain and visually impaired. Turns out this guy is all but blind due to cataracts and the watering and boogies are causing him pain and an extreme sensitivity to light.

We are keeping him on pain meds for several days and applying an eye ointment to help him heal from the inflammation. the blindness will remain. Also he is not younger, both horses appear to be in their mid to late 20's. Bless their sweet gentle hearts...

What kind of monster throws away very senior aged horses and one who is all but blind into a kill pen! Heartbreaking.

Both horses are exhausted from their ride but did travel well. They are both incredibly skinny and were most likely starved for a couple months. Dr Moss will be back out next week to do their teeth and finish the exams as they are were not strong enough yesterday.

(Feb 26)  A short video of the WA state boys who arrived late last night to the ranch. Today is the first day of the journey to their happy ever after... Thank you so much for helping us save their lives, we are so grateful for this amazing community heart emoticon

Dr Moss will be here this afternoon and we are expecting a large bill in addition to the huge amount of feed they both need. If you have a couple dollars you can part with and have been thinking of making a donation, please do. We are not even half way to our goal and now that I have eyes on them... i know the cost will be much higher.

Please help us get the word out and share their story as well.

(Feb 25) The boys are here!!!

Oh my goodness they are here! More pictures tomorrow but wanted to let you know that they just arrived and are sooo thin but are eating and doing well.

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