Annual Open House Information:

We open up the sanctuary one time a year for the public so we can introduce you to the animals, share their rescue stories with education and compassion as our goal. We will post the open house information on our events page when we have selected the date. 


The sanctuary is home to the animals, their refuge, and safe place. We ask that all visitors treat them with respect and courtesy.   To ensure our animals do not get stressed or anxious our tour groups are small and offer time with the animals in a calm and safe environment. Spending time among them often creates special and moving experiences.


For the safety of our animals and yours, companion animals are not allowed at The Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Please do not leave companion animals inside your vehicle as temperatures can reach dangerous levels quickly out here, even with the windows open.


*Please wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) and closed toes shoes.

Private Tours:

Book a private tour and hug a donkey, pet a horse, kiss a goat and give belly rubs to the piggies!

Private tours are available with a minimum donation of $175 and a 6 person maximum per group. Please message or email us at   to discuss your date.


Due to technical setup issues, adults and children tickets must be purchased in separate transactions.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 


NOTE: All donations for tour tickets are final. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given after tickets are purchased. Thank you so much for your understanding.  On behalf of the animals, we truly appreciate your support.  Your contribution really does make a difference!