We were notified about this sweet boy that was going to be euthanized. The ranch he lived on was being torn down and the animals who once lived there were already gone except for him and a horse who lived next door. 

We traveled down close to the border and picked him up. Immediately when we arrived, I noticed his beautiful and gentle eyes as well as his legs... He had a fly allergy, and his legs were raw, and in the wounds, flies had laid their eggs. 

Samson is healthy and happy and is a ranch favorite for his sweet smooches and hugs. When working on chores if we don't acknowledge him, he will come over and rest his head on our shoulders. You can often find him up by the house snacking on weeds or looking through the windows if we're indoors. 

Samson will spend his life with us on the ranch. 


If you would like to help care for Samson, you can make a donation or a monthly sponsorship. All the proceeds go towards the food and care of the animals.

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Thank you so much for your act of compassion and your contributions.  It really makes a difference in their lives.  Please visit this page to see updates and news about Samson.