We bailed Ray Charles (who's blind) and his buddy Eddie out of a kill pen winter 2016. Both boys worked hard for their people but now close to 30 years old they were starved and dumped at an auction where a kill buyer purchased them...


Apparently, it didn't matter that he was just skin and bones, a body score of 3 out of 10. While waiting to ship into Canada for slaughter we were told of their plight and were able to rescue both of them.


Ray is such a sweet, gentle, and happy guy.  Addition to his blindness he has a chronic and ongoing eye condition that requires daily care. We are so grateful we could offer him forever refuge to spend his remaining years where he is not only loved but treasured as well. He will never go without food or love ever again.


If you would like to help care for Ray you can make a donation or a monthly sponsorship. All the proceeds go towards the food and care of the animals.



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Thank you so much for your act of compassion and your contributions. It really makes a difference in their lives.  Please visit this page to see updates and news about Ray.