Animal agriculture, or breeding for the express purpose of consumption or commercial products, is a leading cause of pollution, deforestation and depletion of global resources. To do our part in minimizing these harmful effects and achieve self-sufficiency, we operate the ranch completely off grid. Our solar panels get to work as soon as the sun comes up and generates enough power to run the entire 10-acre ranch during the daytime. The extra power is diverted into batteries so there is enough energy to operate the ranch after the sun sets. The controls inside the battery house keep us informed on the amount of energy in use and how much is stored. The solar panels are cleaned regularly for optimum performance.


To stay green every resource at the ranch is recycled or repurposed, including organic matter collected from the rescues. This natural fertilizer is used in our compost garden to grow fruits and vegetables to be used as feed. Our efforts mean less demand on commercial produce which means less demand on the earth. The compost garden also serves as a learning tool for the community on how to steward the planet to give resources a second life, even with something as unappealing as manure.