Youth Program

The atmosphere at the ranch is one that is conducive to healing and rejuvenation. We open our doors to youth who have experienced trauma from neglect, abandonment or abuse or come from disadvantaged backgrounds of poverty, high crime rates, under performing schools, single parent households, or households with low level parental educations. Any number of these family or life events can increase the risk of poor life outcomes and lead to anti-social behavior such as bullying, skipping school, joining gangs, committing crimes, living on the streets, or falling victim to human trafficking.

At the ranch troubled youth can begin to heal by engaging with the animals who have had troubles of their own. After hearing stories about their lives before finding refuge at the ranch, it is astonishing for them to see the once-broken animals living happy lives with unconditional love and pure trust. This is a relatable moment when they realize that change is possible through kindness and understanding. Studies show that when you are kind to animals, you are kind to other people so a visit to the ranch makes a difference in the life of youth who feel like they never mattered at all. The visit ends at the compost garden to learn more about nurturing and second chances for the earth.