We belong to a network of online rescue groups where we share animals in need of rescue. We also receive requests for help just about every day through Facebook, email and by phone, but the number of farmed animals and senior horses in desperate situations outnumber available resources. We wish that we could save them all, so deciding who, is one of the hardest decisions that we make, on almost a daily basis. To guide us through the difficult task of offering lifetime refuge here at the ranch, we consider the following:

  • Does the individual in need of rescue meet our mission statement?

  • If so, is the current situation dire such as neglect, starvation, unsafe conditions, or facing slaughter?

  • Are there other viable options for this animal?

  • Does the person contacting us have legal ownership and willing to surrender to SRAS?

  • Do we have the secure space and financial resources to meet the needs of the animal for a lifetime?  If so, the case is discussed with our board and care team.

  • Do we have the physical team with the knowledge and skills to meet incoming needs?

  • Will this individual serve as ambassador for his or her species?


Once an animal has been accepted after careful consideration of the above criteria, we prepare for arrival. Every animal who finds refuge at the ranch goes directly into quarantine for at least 30 days. Once in isolation the newest resident receives an intake exam by our care team and veterinarian. Some of the animals are frightened or in rough shape so the quarantine gives them time to adjust to new surroundings and get the necessary medical care to improve quality of life. Other animals have mobility issues or other special needs, so our care team plans out customized treatments for safety and comfort.


The end of quarantine is an exciting time at the ranch because it means progress. If appropriate, our new resident gets to integrate with the herd of their own species. Feedings are based on individual needs since we have a diverse population of metabolic, neurological and genetically modified residents who require a specific type of feed and others who require daily medication.  We provide high-quality hay and supplements and our barnyards get fresh, clean produce. Food prep, medication and feeding can take up to five hours per day. A clean barn is just as important as good nutrition, so we supply fresh, high-quality bedding every morning.



Although our focus is on providing sanctuary, we do help network animals in need to other sanctuaries and vegan homes that have been thoroughly vetted. We have successfully assisted in placing over 300 animals over the last few years to other qualified locations in addition to those individuals we have offered refuge to here at the ranch.