Kid Rock

Meet Kid Rock.  Kid Rock and Clover were found in an alleyway behind a local auction house. Cold, hungry, and barely clinging to life. These babies, and a dozen more, were found in a trailer full of dead ones.They were part of the dairy industry known as throw away's.

Both babies were very sick and their lives hung in the balance for several weeks. Out of all the goat babies found that day, Kid Rock and Clover are two of only five that survived. Sadly, the dozen of others didn't make it. Too young, too cold and without the much-needed colostrum from their mamas proved too much for their tiny bodies.

After weeks of bottle feedings, diapers, sleeping inside with us and a few vet visits both babies beat the odds that were stacked so cruelly against them. 

Today Kid Rock is happy and healthy and is a survivor, and we are so grateful! 

Isn't he adorable, err I mean Cool! He is total billy goat and likes to headbutt as much as he loves to get kisses. 

Kid Rock will spend his life hanging out with the rest of the animals here at the ranch. 


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